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Republican Party beaten by Donald Trump insurgency: Analyst

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What do you make of the way things have been panning out with regards to the Republican national convention? It seems like a divided party.
I think that appearance might be deceiving. I think the word chaos is far too strong. What we saw was a minority at the convention that the … is playing hardball with, because they represent the establishment of the party that has been beaten by Trump’s populist insurgency and they don’t like it. And these are some of the same people that throughout the primaries play hardball in the state conventions, store delegates from Trump by using the rules. Now they’re getting a taste of their own medicine. They don’t like it but frankly they don’t represent very much if these are primarily the establishment, neo-conservative wing of the party. They’re very upset the guy that is a nationalist that does not reflect their views is the nominee of the party.

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