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Trump defends retweeting Mussolini’s quote

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Here is a round-up of global news developments:
Yemen’s Human Rights Center reports that Saudi Arabia’s airstrikes have taken a heavy toll on the country’s infrastructure. The report says Saudi jets have targeted over 800 schools, 240 medical centers and hundreds of power plants since last March. Nearly 350,000 houses were demolished and over 8,400 Yemenis were killed.
The UN announces plans to deliver more humanitarian aid to besieged areas in Syria following the implementation of a ceasefire. A UN official said humanitarian aid will be dispatched to over 150,000 people in the following days. Also about 1.7 million Syrians in hard-to-reach areas will receive aid by the end of next month.
The Palestinian government calls for a binding international resolution against the Israeli settlement activities in the occupied West Bank. The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said Tel Aviv must be held accountable for violating the international law. The US and the UN have strongly condemned Israel’s settlement expansion policy.
Turkish police have clashed with pro-Kurdish protesters in the southeastern town of Baatman. Police fired water cannon and tear gas to disperse supporters of Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party. The demonstrators denounced Ankara’s military operation in the country’s southeast since December 2015, involving the imposition of curfews, aerial bombings and mass detention.
Two bomb blasts have rocked Iraq’s capital of Baghdad, killing at least 70 people and injuring more than 100 others. The incident happened when two suicide bombers blew up their explosive devices at a crowded market in Sadr City. Daesh Takfiri terrorists have claimed responsibility for the attack.
US Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has defended retweeting a quotation from Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini. Trump said he wanted to be associated with interesting quotes and that he wouldn’t care who the quotation originally belonged to. He also admired some of the ideas of the former Italian dictator.
Hungary’s Prime Minister Victor Orban orders preparation for defense lines along the border with Romania to prevent the influx of refugees. Orban warned that the refugees would endanger the country’s public safety and national culture. He blamed the EU and Germany’s open-door policy for Europe’s refugee crisis.
A high-ranking Vatican official has testified on the issue of dozens of sex abuse allegations leveled against Australian priests. Australian Cardinal George Pell said the Catholic Church has made enormous mistakes over dismissing sex abuse of children. Pell added that the church should take serious measures to stop such crimes from happening.

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