To understand Israel’s security concerns, as well as its ambitions, one needs to look into the head of Uzi Arad, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s National Security Adviser. He is a veteran of Mossad, Israel’s spy agency, where he spent 20 years; he has Netanyahu’s ear; he occupies an office a step away from his and, in terms of influence over the prime minister, he seems to have managed to beat off competition from the heads of the armed services and from other security and intelligence chiefs. Dr Arad is Israel’s super-hawk. Some have called him Israel’s Dr Strangelove.His over-riding goal is to put a permanent end to any ambition Iran may have to build a nuclear bomb, or even simply to acquire the means and ability to do so. He does not believe that ‘crippling sanctions’ will do the job and deplores the lack of resolve of Western leaders in stopping Iran’s race for nuclear weapons. He is convinced, against a good deal of evidence, that Iran is determined to become a nuclear power.